GeneratePress Fast – WordPress Can Be Speedy!

This little site and test was inspired by the very cool Susty WP which gets WordPress loading in 7kb!

So What’s This Site About Then?

I’m a big fan of the GeneratePress WordPress theme. I knew it was pretty fast out of the box, but I wanted to see how fast it could be (and if could get anywhere near as speedy as Susty WP!) as a faster site is a greener site (and that’s a good thing).

So How Fast/Small is it?

  • The site/page is 15kb (so double the size of Susty WP – but still pretty small!!!);
  • It scores 100/100 for Performance, SEO and Accessibility on Google’s Lighthouse tool;
  • It gets As on;
  • It loads in 235ms from a local-ish server on Pingdom.

So overall, pretty speedy!

What’s Running on this site?

It’s an out of the box WordPress install.

What About the Theme?

The theme is the free version of GeneratePress which is simple to get from the WordPress Theme Directory. (There’s a ‘Premium’ add on for GeneratePress which enables you to do basically anything you want design wise but the free version is also pretty nice looking!)

I’ve turned off the footer widgets and set no sidebar.

All the fonts/headings/sizes are out of the box (GeneratePress uses a default ‘system font stack’ so there’s no Google fonts on this page).

And I’ve added the text on this page, but that’s it.

What About the Plugins?

The installed plugins are:

  • iThemes Security (my security plugin of choice – to help stop nasties…)
  • All in One SEO Pack (my SEO plugin of choice – I prefer it over Yoast, but that’s just me)
  • WP Fastest Cache (my normal choice of caching plugin – with the default things enabled)

What About the Hosting?

Well, rather amazingly, this site is hosted on Green Web Hosting from Kualo – which is also the same host which Susty WP is on! (I love Kualo – they’re the best general/shared hosting I’ve ever dealt with.)

Who Are you?

I’m James Cooper, a WordPress and GeneratePress loving web guy from the UK. I also run – one of the biggest Christmas info sites on the web!